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Sept 16 - Dan Winter - Jedi School - Science –with Dan Winter - ( - www.JediSchool.Science )

Film of Lecture 1 JediSchool: - Recording from FractalU/Learnitlive (includes chat window) - or- version on YouTube

Jedi Knight- secret mission- infiltrate Disney World and show them they must add new "Holodeck Pavilion" with star navigation virtual EEG training for Djed drive center
 - TO their new STAR WARS Expansion...- in ORDER to SAVE THE WORLD.. because enough trained Jedi can Steer tornados as BIG AS THE SOLAR WIND- (how that's measured-see image BELOW)
AND !!- if we gain aura coherence sufficient - WE can BE the vaccine for the ORION WARS
see our serious ET history study:  ... to be ready when THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK! -

- Update: Sept 2021- in this regard- for the advanced young person studying Orion Wars history- we particularly recommend Elena Danaan -
Galactic Federation mediated REAL HISTORY OF ORION WARS - Film -
and her book - (Pictures of major ET races): Gift From the Stars: ET Contacts & Alien Races Guide

What is a Jedi?--What is a Djed?--What is “The Force”?-- Jedi Heart / Breath Training;  Yoda Yoga
Jedi Brainwave Science: Jedi Brainstem: Amygdala / Mygdal:”To Tower” - “In the FLOW” is back brain driven
Jedi Qualities- In Blood / DNA -  MicroChloridians-- Jedi SPINE: “Sacro Cranial” Djed- In Thought- In Death --Jedi Hygiene Instructions
Jedi Propulsion: What is “Warp Drive”?-- Jedi Geobiology : Labyrinthine path -- Jedi- relationship to fear and the personification of evil.-- Midi-chlorians / bozon 7 / microvita-  blood implosion and Jedi physics.
Time Lord/ time warp and longitudinal emf physics.-- Jedi knights use science to empower – not personality/ miracle worship which disempowers.
The Jedi scientist must know EACH answer -  (hint all answers except one- are the same:    FRACTALITY! ) and be able to explain why.
What causes gravity?, What causes perfect compression?, What causes implosion?, What causes alchemy?, What causes fusion?
What causes NEGentropy and therefore creation?, What created the caduceus and golden ratio?, What created life force?, What causes ‘the raising of the djed?’, What creates ‘flame in mind’?
What causes centripetal forces?, What causes precipitation / rain?, What survives death?, What causes Love?
What causes self awareness  (consciousness) and non-destructive self re-entry?, What is the meaning of divine (perfectly branched)?, What is the meaning of science / scion – branching perfected?
What perfects conjugation (and conjugal relations)?, What makes cold plasma cold?

Below- here is the amimated slideshow visuals for the lecture (drag your cursor to LEFT screen to see thumbnails of all slides to select - or use down/up arrow)
be patient on slides like 12 and 15 for the large grail animations to load and play

Links mentioned in the film: Warp vs Impulse drive propulsion (Kowsky Frost /crystal propulsion is 'warp' drive/ vs Hydraulic propulsion is 'impulse)

Compelling Fractal Physics Cause of Gravity- summary: , - Phase Conjugate CAUSE of Perception:

Galactic History story - (Anu-naki and EMPIRE Strikes back - are Draco / Amasutum - see Anton Parks also: +

Measuring Life force/ Plasma Projection- in architecture-

Biofeedback HOLODECK- in Brainwaves- (also measures life force in trees/ pyramids etc) - in the Heart: , ,

Science of SUCCESSFUL DEATH- as plasma projection 'Djed'- black hole implosion - see

Physics instructions for Shaman (Djedi Knights) steering TORNADOs (& Solar Storms):

Spiral on the tornado torus - symmetry index-animated into Hebrew/ Sanskrit: (how to vector navigate/propulse when you dream and die- as plasma domain)

Star Mother 3D Modelling kit- Hydrogen/ 3D Fractality- Inifinite Dodeca Stellation- only possible 3d fractal:

3D Physics Fractal Animation: ORIGIN OF THE GRAIL-

Book of HYGIENE INSTRUCTIONS- for Jedi Knights:



JediSchool.Science prequel:Young Caide interviews Dan Winter - IS the FORCE with you - really living plasma?
Caide the son of Dr Kantha- new Theraphi center S.Africa- his ('Jedi') school project.. find the Force.. in School? - intro to this Sunday Jedi School Science- - Caide's face and his family shows later in the film...



Sept 23: Teresa Burns- will bring us MANY updates- on her work translating John Dee’s work of alchemy and sacred geometry, the Monas Hieroglyphica, on the Ophanim and Enochian, on the new book(s!!)by Vincent Bridges that she has been editing!-- What have we learned recently about- the real physics of Kelly and Dee alchemy, What have we learned lately about the most beautiful intricate karma lineage from Flamel -to Kelley - to Vincent - to Shakespeare... ? Recent discoveries about both Edward Kelley’s possible father and about the staged death of Christopher Marlowe will help us deepen these questions. (see also )

Sept 30- Patrick Botte- on the new exciting IN THE FLOW (see> and also ) 4channel Brainwave training option in - , , , , - here are - earlier notes with - Patrick (our lead app- programmer and sacro-cranial scientist)- is back- with Dan Winter- to tell us more about the HRV/ Breath/ Heart Coherence / Brainwave sciences behind our stunning array of the world's best IOS biofeedback apps. Patrick will include stories like- his cutting edge sacro-cranial professional partners- measuring how - when you simply listen to our worlds most powerful BLISS - BINAURAL BEAT- ( -not expensive) with the phase accurate .1 hz - MAYER WAVE heterodyne (bodies MOST important frequency - in the blood) - how you actually MEASURE when you have success -putting that frequency IN to your spine liquid pump- which we KNOW is the absolute platform upon which all bliss and kundalini ( healing sacro-cranial) wave mechanics is based. Patrick will SHOW you the graphs- right from our apps! Patrick also has a major presentation / video series in South France - June: Previous Course film

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Big Picture: What does this new Fractal Physics Mean to You and Your Life Personally and Practically - -from Dan Winter

First 2018 course film - above, Slideshow for this course (thumbnail below)

Here is the youtube version of this first course film> (excludes chat window

In short: Fractality is the way your aura/ toroid/ cold-plasma 'body' ('etheric'/ KA)- gets centripetal / implosive ... A big aura is the only way to get sustainable / immortal / powerful / 'divine.
Fractality / Phase conjugation there implodes a portion of your charge envelope thru the speed of light (longitudinal embedding- the 'EL') - which is that 'everywhere at once'/action at a distance field effect engineering which characterizes ALL spiritual literature ... (your BA).
Coherence (refined attention) in that field ('remote viewing'): enables lucid dreaming / astral travel / and memory through death.

( Embedding longitudinals in conjugate EEG - - produces the <animations )

We are so often asked- if this new fractal implosion physics- is so dramatic and important- you must be able to make it simple- and tell us what it means to average people. What fractality is - could not be simpler. The universe is simply made of rotating compressible waves of charge. That rotation (spin) WHEN NESTED IN ROSE LIKE (fractal / conjugate) patterns creates implosive charge -(they 'get centripetal') which makes gravity and mass (and ultimately consciousness). Easy so far. So how does that answer the famous question (Vonnegut:"Breakfast of Champions"): WHAT ARE PEOPLE FOR? This of course is the eternal and so far unanswered question. Clearly science so far has no clue. And judging by religion wars being the biggest killing machines the planet has ever known- we may guess that the answers provided so far by religion are (all of ): * unsatisfying, * not rigorous , * not testable , * unclear, * do not result in hygiene lifestyle instructions which produce any kind of sustainability-AND not to mention the probably most important * do not clearly say how to take memory through death. In short - the problem with using religion to answer your child's most important question 'what are people for?' - is precisely that religion is unscientific. Science does have some amazing value: clear, testable, measureable descriptions (science) produces not just a 'language of rigor' -- this is the only meaningful way to produce AGREEMENT! (the only true opposite of war)-- and thereby also A WAY TO MAKE ACCURATE SURVIVAL DECISIONS. This is something which religion would like to do for you- but actually currently succeeds only in creating the disempowering, immature, and ultimately murderous and poisonous miracle and personality worship. Every religion in history begins by saying- they know how to make you immortal- and ends up finally proving simply: they know how to CONTROL you.

The physics is clear- IF you cannot totally steer your own plasma cocoon (the only thing that gets immortal) for yourself- from within -you have no power and no immortality. Individual freedom is sacred to physics and philosophy because no other path to electrical sustainability exists- for plasma cocoons like people. Try talking to ball lightning sometime- many people have- as long as recursion is steering (toward self-awareness- pure sustainable implosion) - as long as they are centripetal (accurately toroidal) they too do not die. And they like you- do not want to die. About your only real advantage is: you MIGHT be able to understand better how to remain centripetal. Thus far only pathetic information has been provided to the children of Earth - on the only real electrical science which makes ANYTHING sustainable : "GET CENTRIPETAL OR GET DEAD!".

For millions of years- DNA has been in the business of creating ONE superluminal collectivized plasma coccon - holographic library of survival information. DNA- lines up the phase conjugate fractal hydrogen bond spark gap - precisely at the center of the perfectly embedded recursive golden ratio braided (by love phonons) long wave ZIPPER - of codons- to IMPLODE ( literally BLISS). THAT is the only door to the library. And if you do not make it - in and out of that library- then you do not make it.

Originally we called this fractal field effect- library- the 'collective unconscious' / 'communion of saints' / 'akashic records'. But now we can be more accurate- (and therefore more part of that sustainability). We know how it is generated and how it propagates- and how to become part of it. It requires fractal embedding (phase conjugate/ entanglement perfected)- 'where the pine cones kiss noses' - AND THUS BECOME PART OF THE FASTER THAN LIGHT LONGITUDINAL GRID.

Even Bruce Cathie was close when he proved these grid alignments determined nuclear critical mass requirements. The NAME for our planets first nuclear tech was called IMPLOSION- which is SIMPLY access to fractal compression symmetry- and thus access to superluminal longitudinal EMF charge distribution / non-destructive gravity waves. (But since we would like to apply our new science to something beside a new understanding of nuclear bombs... For example we now know how to LOCATE the Ark of the Convenant electrically- grid cross alignment was essential to one of it's primary functions- non-destructive radioactive containment - by critical threshold of implosive capacitance-the opposite of radiation).
Now we know correct 'critical mass' of these grid alignments for life force producing centripetal charge implosion are conjugate / fractal in both time and space- because both are simply made of charge rotation gone fractal. This fractal grid aligning - is why every cathedral / sacred site / Kozyrev mirror / druid phone call etc- of history HAD to be at the (dodeca / roselike) cross point of where Earth magnetic lines cross (embed in longitudinal EMF by phase conjugation).

This is MORE than an abstraction- ultimately this radio node network is the ONLY way thru birth and death and bliss- as EVERY real shaman ancestor knew. (Study - to see 3 ways electrical engineering measure proves the electrosmog hell in most hospitals is THE WORST POSSIBLE PLACE FOR BIRTH / DEATH / HEALING / BLISS - for example). Conjugate plasma implosion is the ONLY possible electrical physics of 'stargate' or real 'temple'. Once we understand the science of this only actual definition of sacred space- we must devote all our resources to lining this up ( being a useful start). We must pick up the ball where Akhanaton dropped it -fighting with the Amun/ Enlil bankers - changing his name to Moses and running for his life- creating the Essenes in caves. He was up to his ass in alligators- and he FORGOT his task was draining the swamp. The only swamp drain possible for this planet- is a solar linear plasma accelerator - to send soul plasma bodies- with focussed collectivizing bliss process- BACK INTO THE STAR. For Akhanaton this meant building AMENTI / AMARNA - solar temple for group bliss plasma acceleration- WHICH WAS THE ONLY ACTUAL WAY OUT OF HERE (small planet - long way from downtown)... This is the REAL meaning of URU-ASSA EL -M (Jerusalem): place where ancient URU dragon blood -(queen Assa)- makes the EL - phase shift- translation of vorticity to longitudinal / immortal. However as we mentioned since that stargate is broken- it's time to cancel the war. A 'resurrection' machine was never anything other than a living plasma projector.

Access to ground -perfect charge distribution - IS fractality -for both electricians AND psychologists: (After you read the book "EARTHING" ) Here is your excercise to FEEL FOR YOURSELF- how grounding creates DNA radio essential not just for immortality access- but also access to empathy / feeling compassion. Remember how I talked about noticing that taking my shoes off - and touching the wood floor with moist feet- in the biocoop- suddenly caused the people standing near me - to urgently decide they needed to start a conversation with me. Let's do the physics on this. When you touch a GOOD ground-where the charge distribution is immediately embedded in Earth (probably MUCH less possible in a metal high rise building)- the charge spin in your body gets longitudinal access and phase lock - thru the planck golden ratio threshold (see )- MEANING better access to DNA radio! There is a way out for charge- THRU the speed of light- into perfected connectivity- and that access is golden ratio to planck - CALLED grounding!! Thus grounding in 'sacred space' is access to spiritual science / spiritual radio 101.

The people near you are more likely to literally share FEELINGS with you - only IF you are literally grounded. SO now you understand the science behind the revolution in education (and empathy) that happened (do you know what country this is ?) - where all the children in school TOOK THEIR SHOES OFF!

Now- try removing your synthetic clothes- removing all metal from (and around) your body- and wearing the lightest most natural (hemp even better that cotton- for dielectric) - clothes possible.

Notice how all these grounding instructions - for GETTING CENTRIPETAL - are also identical for how to benefit from plasma implosion.

Now begin to think about the most fractal air and water you can find.. Dream of imploding to the immortal (For hygiene ideas read "Implosion:Secret Science of Ecstasy and Immortality": - hygiene course: April 29,2018.

Next learn how BREATH and HEART can be trained - to conjugate / embedded (and centripetal) fractality:

Finally consider how electrical implosion is generated in plasma (centripetal force)- WHEN YOU LEARN HOW TO THINK ONLY SHAREABLE THOUGHTS. The DNA field likes you by embedding- folding you in her envelope. DNA collective plasma only dumps her life blood into thoughts which electrically serve the survival of all DNA! This is imploding charge to be centripetal. This is the ultimately eureka. Perhaps your hair will stand up.

But wait- you say- our fractal electrical engineering still hasn't answered your child's urgent and appropriate questions: "What are People For?" We know that ball lightning, and seeds, and tornados, and people- all remain alive only as long as they are electrically centripetal (imploding). Let's talk about stars for a moment. You know how more and more scientists are coming to agree ('plasma universe')- with the mystics conclusion- that everything in the universe is fundamentally alive (self-aware?) - perhaps by this they mean exactly aliveness IS electric implosive ness. Consider our SUN for a moment- with this evidence

Stars like our Sun are supremely self aware- and they do not invest their blood in growing DNA like ours for no adiabatic reason. NO- we potentially make something our star needs desparately - for sustainability: LONG WAVE CENTRIPETAL FORCE. This is HOW - you tell your child- to grow up and become a star. Read about how Bentov's bliss- steered the planet: -This is what people are for. And it is one of the "Secrets of the Dark Star" - This is a big picture.

How to know when you have gotten CENTRIPETAL: BLISS- We know the exact brainwave power spectra> (how to measure it) - which produces peak consciousness /centripetal force- (image here) AND WHY! -

So we know the exact plasma physics (this frequency signature/conjugate symmetry) which produces negentropy and therefore awareness - and that plasma peak consciousness tech (exact power spectra) is working successfully in about 20 countries. Conjugate charge implosion / electrical centripetal force -from the body- ANSWERS -the most fundamental question- WHY does focused human attention cause electric fields to compress (well proven ) .
Clearly this is THE origin of spiritual empowerment / psychokinesis. God was called 'Dominus' - because DOMAIN refers to what inhabits / steers- electrical centripetal fields.


Fractal University Online -with Dan Winter- - is BACK for 2018!
"The most amazing online University has a new program for 2018! We are going to realize interconnectivity, on even wider and deeper dimension of the human experience. Fractality reshapes SpaceTime to the 'point' where the infinite potential of every single moment will be fully available! The doorway to timeless sacred communion will remind with its blissful presence everyone who is on their way to complete self-realization.

The exponential rate of technological development appears with an absolute right timing for people who understand the importance of responsible and intelligent communication and education because a quintessential perspective on life contains bigger patterns of evolution and modalities of the reality. We are embedding our plasma bodies in big bio-information fractal fields and we invite you to join us!"-